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Individual Consumers

Your outdoor projects deserve the advantages of thermally modified wood! 

With our products, your home can have 

  • a deck that still stands up to rot and insects

  • a fence that still resists warping and the effects of weather

  • siding that thumbs its nose at mildew and stays beautiful year after year with little maintenance

Thanks to our EcoPrem technology, you can still enjoy the beauty of natural wood in decks, fences, and siding ... without the worry of rot, decay, or warping. And there are no toxic chemicals to worry about, either!​​

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 10.33.48 AM.png

Get Your Worry-Free Wood Product!

More and more consumers are discovering what the trade has known for years: there's nothing like EcoPrem thermally treated wood for worry-free wood enjoyment.

Hear from Customers Like You!

I love how it looks, it completes our patio and we receive countless compliments. With everything cut to size, assembly goes quickly and smoothly.

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