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Custom Modifications

Installing a new outdoor deck is a big investment in home improvement. Picking the right deck materials is crucial. After all, you want your investment to pay off - with long life, low maintenance, and years of undiminished beauty. With pressure-treated wood it will look good....for about a year....then it's downhill from there.

Unfortunately, natural wood tends to warp, rot, and decay. And most of the treatments designed to deal with these problems involve the use of toxic toxic home improvement stores post warnings! That's what's you get with pressure-treated wood. 

EcoDeck is different.
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Key Features

EcoDeck's deck and railing components are shaped and cut from our EcoPrem wood making it superior to other decking materials. This is domestically sourced renewable natural yellow pine that's thermally modified with heat and steam to create lumber that is:​


​​Light Weight


Zero Toxicity


High Strength


Dimensionally Stable


Sustainable Material


Outdoor Durability

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Not only is EcoDeck extermely stable, but it is also exceptionally easy to maintain, saving you both time and money!

The Results

The results from our EcoPrem process with our EcoDeck product are undeniable. Make your deck just as strong and durable as it is beautiful. 

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EcoDeck Decking comes in a variety of styles and shapes.


EcoDeck standard decking comes in 1-1/4" thick x 5", 6-3/4", and 8-1/2" wide boards.


Standard deck boards come in the “new” grooved style which accommodates the EcoDeck Clip System.



Railing components have been developed to provide the greatest amount of design flexibility possible.

Protect Your EcoDeck

EcoDeck is coated on all sides with Cutek to reduce surface checking and cracking. EcoVantage recommends a second coat of Cutek with an oil-based U.V. protectant stain to reduce greying over time. EcoVantage does not endorse, offer warranty or recommend any specific coating manufacturer. However, Cutek has proven to reduce surface checking and cracking.

EcoVantage offers pre-staining as a custom service!

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What are you waiting for?

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