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Dealers & Distributors

We offer what every contractor wants: natural wood decking, fencing, and siding material that hold up. 

Our EcoPrem technology ensures that our products are:

  • durable for decades

  • non-toxic and chemical free

  • resistant to rot and decay 

Offer top-quality, environmentally-friendly treated wood products to all your customers. 

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We are continuing to accept new distributors and dealers across the country.

Find out what areas we are trying to expand to and if you would be a good partner for us!

Hear from other Distributors!

Thermal modification has been a value-added process to our products for many years.  It allows our material to be a more stable and stiffer product.  The chance of cupping, warping or "movement" in the wood is eliminated.  It maintains a consistent moisture content and won't regain moisture.  An extra added benefit is the beautiful coloring that occurs naturally, with no stains or dyes.  Working with EcoVantage is a pleasure, they are always accommodating and helpful.

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