Thermally Modified Premium Wood Systems


 Premium Structural Lumber

It's Clean. It's Green. It's EcoPrem.

Outdoor construction projects? Order only what you need! No worries about scrapping poor quality pieces! 

Our EcoPrem product line includes StayTru structural lumber made of natural, sustainably sourced, domestic #1-grade Southern yellow pine that's thermally modified with heat and steam. This means lumber that is straight as an need to order 20% more than you need to do the job.

Thanks to our EcoPrem thermal modification process, StayTru structural lumber is ...
  • dimensionally twisting or warping.
  • resistant to insects, mold, rot, and decay
  • lightweight
  • incredibly strong and durable
  • non-toxic and chemical-free
  • environmentally safe

StayTru thermally modified lumber is available in common dimenisional lumber sizes from 2x6 - 2x12 in lengths of 8' through 16'. Also available are 4x4s in 8' and 10' lengths.

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