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These days, you've got so many choices in home siding materials, styles, and colors that wood siding may not cross your mind. While it is distinctive and beautiful, it has notoriously been known as difficult to maintain. 

Fortunately, if wood is what you want, there's nothing difficult or concerning about our EternaClad siding, shutters, and window boxes. 

EternaClad is different.
Siding 5.jpeg

Key Features

EternaClad home siding is thermally modified wood - Southern yellow pine with all the beauty, strength, and natural insulating qualities you could want. 


​​Light Weight


Zero Toxicity


High Strength


Dimensionally Stable


Sustainable Material


Outdoor Durability

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Order Your EternaClad Siding Today!

Enjoy the warm feel and look of natural wood.

The Results

The results from our EcoPrem process with our EternaClad product are undeniable. Make your home siding just as strong and durable as it is beautiful. 

Siding 3.jpeg
EternaClad siding comes in a variety of styles and shapes.


  • German Lap

  • Ship Lap

  • Tongue and Groove


Whichever style you choose, you can have the confidence and peace of mind, that you have purchased the best!

Protect Your Siding

EternaClad is coated on all sides with Cutek to reduce surface checking and cracking. EcoVantage recommends a second coat of Cutek with an oil-based U.V. protectant stain to reduce greying over time. EcoVantage does not endorse, offer warranty or recommend any specific coating manufacturer. However, Cutek has proven to reduce surface checking and cracking.

EcoVantage offers pre-staining as a custom service!

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What are you waiting for?

Order your EternaClad siding with one of our dealers!

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