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Extend your home's outdoor entertaining space.  Whether you are looking for a beautiful pergola, shade structure, arbor, or real wood fence, we have you covered!

RyteScape products are incredibly light, yet sturdy because of our patented thermal modification process. We bake out the water, resins, and sugars, changing the cellular structure of the wood. This means our lumber won't twist or bow, won't absorb water, and will resist rot and insects!

RyteScape is different.

Key Features

Rytescape's components are shaped and cut from our EcoPrem wood making it superior to other decking materials. Our domestically-sourced, renewable, natural yellow pine is thermally-modified with heat and steam to create lumber that is:​


​​Light Weight


Zero Toxicity


High Strength


Dimensionally Stable


Sustainable Material


Outdoor Durability

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Extend your home's outdoor entertaining space with our line of outdoor structures! 

The Results

The results from our EcoPrem process with our RyteScape products are undeniable. Make your outdoor entertainment space just as strong and durable as it is beautiful. 

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RyteScape fencing comes in a variety of styles and configurations.


  • Solid Privacy

  • Shadow Box

  • Open Picket

  • Closed Picket

Rytescape fencing is a great investment for your home, because it is as beautiful as it is endurable. Download our Fencing product guide to learn more. 

RyteScape Patio Blocks

RyteScape patio blocks install quickly and easily with no contractor needed. These durable, rot-resistant blocks are made of the same thermally modified wood that comprises our fence systems. Use them for covering up an old concrete patio, or on your urban balcony!

  • permanent wood patios 

  • temporary walkways

  • commercial roof walkways

  • construction site walkways

As for the railing, we've developed a wide variety of railing configurations to give you the greatest design flexibility possible. And many of our railing components are specially designed to install quickly.

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What are you waiting for?

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