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EcoVantage is Now Arbor Wood Co.

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There's nothing like the real, natural wood.

People have tried for ages to overcome the problems of rot, warping, and twisting that occurs when wood is exposed to the elements. The problem was only partially solved by applying toxic chemicals to woods less durable. Unfortunately, chemicals do not improve the dimensional stability of wood. And it's definitely a hazard to humans and the environment.


Our unique, patented process strengthens wood and makes it impervious to the elements.


The wood we use is a renewable resource from domestic sustainable forests.


There are no harmful chemicals or toxins in our premium wood products


Our process creates a wood that's incredibly resistant to mildew, rot, and insects

Why Choose Us

Our process is unmatched.

Today, we've taken thermal modification to new levels with our patented EcoPrem process. This is an advanced, proprietary method of combining heat and steam to turn wood into a new, vastly improved outdoor construction material.

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Thermal modification has been a value-added process to our products for many years.  It allows our material to be a more stable and stiffer product.  The chance of cupping, warping or "movement" in the wood is eliminated.  It maintains a consistent moisture content and won't regain moisture.  An extra added benefit is the beautiful coloring that occurs naturally, with no stains or dyes.  Working with EcoVantage is a pleasure, they are always accommodating and helpful.

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