Thermally Modified Premium Wood Systems

The Beauty of Wood ... Made Better

It's Clean. It's Green. It's EcoPrem.                                
There's nothing like the beauty, warmth, and versatility of real, natural wood. It's aesthetic appeal is universal, it's practicality undeniable.

Natural wood scores high for its......                                                                              

  • strength                                                                           
  • beauty
  • light weight

People have tried for ages to overcome the problems of rot, warping, and twisting that occurs when wood is exposed to the elements. The problem was only partially solved by applying toxic chemicals to woods less durable. Unfortunately, chemicals do not improve the dimensional stability of wood. And it's definitely a hazard to humans and the environment.

Okay, so … what if you had access to a really great wood alternative? What if that alternative:

  • was sourced from sustainable forests
  • had zero toxicity
  • provided dimensional stability
  • was remarkably durable

What you'd have is EcoPrem thermally modified wood.

Take a look at all of our products and their qualities... then Contact EcoVantage to learn more about their unique applications.
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